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Segment Shopify Customers, Even Those Who Abandoned Their Cart To Different Lists, Groups Or Audiences With Your Marketing Automation

How many emails should you be sending to your current Shopify subscribers (also known as autoresponders or triggered emails)?

It’s a question that is asked often so one of our integrations has answered it here... 

But to get the right type of segmented Shopify clients, prospects, abandoned cart visitors to your Lists in your marketing automation software how is that handled? 

To help you get the Shopify subscribers to your Lists to use your marketing strategies this article below will help you to set up your Shopify integration to the software you use today.

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  • In Step 1 of the Set Up, enter your Shop URL.
  • Select which Sync Mode to use. By default, you may select "Sync Customers who ordered products". You may select the other options in the next sync if needed, just don't forget to hit "Save" then Reset Sync Process and Resync so that the updated configuration will be the basis of syncing.
  • Segmentation Strategy can be very useful if wanting to track your Customers who ordered specific Products, Variants, and can be both from your Shopify store.  
  • If this option is checked, then SyncApps will create different List(s) in Constant Contact or Mailchimp Group(s), Tag(s) based on the specific Product Titles. The records under those segmented List(s) or Group(s) are those customers who ordered each specific Product Name from Shopify.  

You can also sync those who did not buy and abandoned their cart under Sync Mode in Step 1 of the Set Up.

The Flowchart below shows how Mailchimp to Shopify NEW Subscribers works.


The Flowchart below shows how Shopify to Constant Contact works.


In Constant Contact, Shopify Product Segments create separate Lists.  In Mailchimp, they create Groups or Tags based on your selection. 

  • If wanting to sync only the specific products then enter the specific ones in the "Sync only the following Products to Constant Contact (Optional)" text box.
  • If needing help during the setup on the Next Steps, simply hover over to our SyncNotes tooltip() to find more information about the options to select.

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