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NetSuite integrations using OneWorld and Subsidiaries

If you are using OneWorld with Subsidiary management in NetSuite and have an error like below read on.   

What is this error telling me?

27 Dec 2021 04:57:48


 (record details)
Please enter value(s) for: Primary Subsidiary (Error code: USER_ERROR)

For NetSuite OneWorld users please enter the default subsidiary name for the new Customer or Contact created by SyncApps, otherwise, Customer or Contact creation will fail.

In some cases, a subscriber will create a Set Up for each NetSuite Subsidiary that they want to integrate. To make sure that each Set Up syncs with its assigned Subsidiary please be sure to only use a NetSuite role with NetSuite Subsidiary access and also create a separate NetSuite role for each NetSuite Subsidiaries assigned.

Note Default subsidiary is only used for new record creation in NetSuite. This option can be found in Step 1 of the integration setup.

You also will need to specify a Subsidiary in Sales Order field mapping using Static Text mapping from Handshake to NetSuite Subsidiary field.

For Sales Order sync configuration testing, it is better to turn off any Item Full Sync or change the item Saved Search to return a small number of items in most cases.

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