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My NetSuite records will not sync over to Mailchimp, why?

Watch a video on initial set up first...

See some scenarios below:

  • The Global Subscription Status of your records in NetSuite can either be Soft-opt in or Confirmed Opt-in when performing and integration using SyncApps for NetSuite to other systems.

If the Global Subscription Status field is not visible in the record, check the following:

a. Marketing Automation Feature is Enabled (Setup> Company> Enable Feature> CRM tab)
b. Global Subscription Status field is not hidden in the form

Check Global Subscription status on the record (for groups)

1. Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Groups.
2. View the Group.
3. Check the Global Subscription Status column. The record must be set to Soft Opt-In or Confirmed Opt-In to sync over to another system like Mailchimp, Drip, Constant Contact or others using SyncApps.
Note: If Global Subscription Status column is not available, navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Feature > CRM tab > Basic Features section. Make sure that Marketing Automation is checked.

4. Perform a Mass Update to update the Global Subscription Status of the records to Soft Opt-In. (as needed) If the Global Subscription Status is an issue and not available in your Mass Update Field when trying to Mass Update the Global Subscription Status of the Customer Records.

Check to see that the default form you are using for Customer has this field displayed on it.

Steps to resolve:

  • Review that your Customer Form is Active by Customization > Forms > Entry Forms
  • Set the Customer Form as "Preferred"
  • Now try to Mass update again, the Global Subscription Status should now be visible to Mass Update your records to get started on integrating these over to your Marketing Automation solution

Once this is completed you can then perform a Mass Update the Global Subscription Status of the Customer Records.

Return to SyncApps to then "Reset Sync Process" and run it again to see that the previously Opted out records are syncing appropriately.

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