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Updates to the SyncApps Help Center

Welcome to your new, updated SyncApps Help Center! We've made changes to our look and feel to make it easier for you to find answers to your integration questions and get the information you need more quickly.

Note that no content was removed, we've just added to our content and it just looks really, cool! Thanks to all our subscribers who helped us make these changes possible from tons of feedback, and keep your eyes out for enhancements as we continue to improve it throughout the year.

What’s changed?

  • Updated look & feel for all with better content organization and more intuitive navigation.


  • Frequently Asked Questions are in focus, making these simpler to find right from the Help Center home page.

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  • Notifications alert you when new comments or content have been added to all Help Center topics that you follow. Just sign in to view them and all your previously viewed topics! 
  • Integration topics are organized by type of software, so you can follow the topics most relevant to your integration and find answers to your questions more quickly.

Thanks again to all our subscribers for all the feedback to get the new Help Center to this point today with more content, how to guides and videos to help with integrations that drive your organization today.

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