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Unable to Create Invoice The amount paid is greater than amount due for invoice with key XXXXXX

Take a look at this error which you too might also be encountering using Mindbody to Sage Intacct; Unable to create Invoice. The amount paid is greater than the amount due for the invoice with key XXXXXX


The typical scenario below:

  • We seem to be getting these errors when an item is discounted by percentage. These items are being left as unpaid in Intacct because they are off due to the rounding of cents.


  • The root cause is Mindbody uses inconsistent rounding for a percentage discount.

    To fix it, unfortunately, you will need to edit the failed invoice(s) in Intacct, Update the discount amount (subtract $0.01) then reset the sync. SyncApps should recreate the payment correctly.


If the discount amount is 1.28, please update it to 1.27 on the Invoice and save it in Intacct.

Please try with one invoice to see if that works before updating all invoices.

This is a Mindbody article about rounding that contradicts the discount calculation mentioned previously. Once this issue is fixed by Mindbody the error will not occur again in Intacct any longer.

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