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NetSuite Global Subscription status Soft Opt-Out not allowing records to flow to your other software


By default any record in NetSuite whose Global Subscription status in NetSuite is "Soft-Opt Out" will not flow over to your Marketing Automation Solution.

Any new record added to NetSuite or a NetSuite Saved Searches set up in Step 1 of your integration will flow over if the Global Subscription status in NetSuite is "Soft-Opt In.

See some scenarios below:

Selection in your integration in Step 1 and Step 2 to manage these preferences for Opt-Out control.

Step 1: Unsubscribe opted-out Customers or Contacts in NetSuite from Constant Contact.

NOTE: A record is considered to be opted out if its Global Subscription Status is either Soft Opt-Out or Confirmed Opt-Out.

If this option is not checked then opted-out Customers or Contacts are simply ignored (not synced to Constant Contact).

Step 2: Do not sync unsubscribed email status to NetSuite.


By default, SyncApps will set opted-out status in NetSuite for unsubscribed emails. Please check this checkbox if you do not want unsubscribed emails status to be synced.

A scenario from Website to NetSuite flow:

In some cases in NetSuite, your Customers created from your eCommerce Website are created in NetSuite as Soft Opt-Out by Default.

The NetSuite features that can possibly resolve this issue are:

1. As Administrator navigates to Setup > Marketing > Marketing Preferences> General >Unsubscribed to Marketing By Default.

Check this box if you want new Customers, Employees, Partners, and Vendors to have their Global Subscription status set to Soft Opt–Out.

Clear this box if you want new records to have their Global Subscription status set to Soft Opt-In.

2. As Administrator navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Set Up WebSite > Shopping > Display Unsubscribe is to Email Checkbox on Registration Page.

Check this box if you want to give customers the option to unsubscribe from the email campaigns on the Web site when they register.

To set the default for this field in the site, set the marketing preference at Setup > Marketing > Marketing Preferences.

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