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Eventbrite and Salesforce Integration

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Thanks for dropping by today! 

Are you considering using Eventbrite to Salesforce sync?

Do you need to sync Eventbrite Events & Registrants into Salesforce as Campaigns and Campaign members? 

Would you also like to be able to map custom Eventbrite questions to Salesforce Campaign Members? 

This is all possible today with our new Eventbrite for Salesforce integration.

Let's take a look at Eventbrite Integration options since the Eventbrite to Salesforce Integration, Eventbrite SyncApp has deprecated its Contact feature last 2019 yet the Events and Event attendees are still supported.

We have rolled out a new integration to support all the fans of Eventbrite which need a robust bidirectional integration this year.

Get started today integrating Salesforce to Eventbrite in a few simple steps! 


Major Features with Eventbrite and Salesforce integration

  • Sync Salesforce Contacts, Leads or Accounts, Person accounts to Eventbrite Contacts on a specified contact list.
  • Select Salesforce Campaigns to integrate Campaign Members to an Eventbrite contact list.
  • Integrate Eventbrite Custom Questions to Salesforce using a simple point and press field mapping feature.
  • Select one or multiple Salesforce Campaign(s) and all the Campaign Members of the selected Campaign(s) will be populated and will be synced on the Eventbrite contact list which is selected.
  • Sync Eventbrite events to Salesforce Campaign, including its registrants. *One-way sync of Eventbrite events will be converted to Salesforce Campaign, including all the events and event registrants field mapping if enabled.
  • Salesforce always takes higher precedence over Eventbrite. Any CRM record changes in Salesforce will always be synced to Eventbrite.
  • CRM record data is synced from Eventbrite only if the email address doesn't exist in Salesforce at the time of syncing.

Check the Eventbrite and Salesforce integration here

If you have more questions with your Sync Profile setup, just give us a shout out to our 24/7 Support now!


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