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Hello there!

Need more information about our Salesforce with Eventbrite integration?

Well, first, you will need to keep in mind that the Eventbrite app will be deprecated by 2019. However, we will still be supporting Eventbrite with SyncApps.

Check the full list of Major features now

Major Features in 2018 with more coming in 2019 with custom questions support and more...

  • Sync Salesforce Contacts, Leads or Accounts, Person accounts to Eventbrite Contacts on a specified contact list.
  • Select Salesforce Campaigns to integrate Campaign Members to an Eventbrite contact list.
  • Select one or multiple Salesforce Campaign(s) and all the Campaign Members of the selected
  • Campaign(s) will be populated and will be synced on the Eventbrite contact list which is selected.
  • Sync Eventbrite events to Salesforce Campaign, including its registrants. *One-way sync of
  • Eventbrite events will be converted to Salesforce Campaign, including all the events and event registrants field mapping if enabled.
  • Salesforce always takes higher precedence over Eventbrite. Any CRM record changes in
  • Salesforce will always be synced to Eventbrite.

CRM record data is synced from Eventbrite only if the email address doesn't exist in Salesforce at the time of syncing.

One-way sync is currently not a feature of this integration as it assumes that we will sync the Salesforce records to the Eventbrite lists for integration.  

This is why in some cases, the sync took so long so stopping it would also prevent the Eventbrite data flowing back too in midstream.

We will look to add the One-Way sync feature in the first half of 2019 so check back on our blog or this case for updates!

If you have more questions with your Sync Profile setup, just give us a shout out to our 24/7  Support now!

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