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Unable to log into Salesforce error, INVALID LOGIN, API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG keeps occurring

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This error is from your Salesforce account which means that your account is not API enabled. This usually happens to Professional Salesforce Edition.

Salesforce SyncApps only work with DeveloperProfessionalEnterprise, and Unlimited Editions. For Professional Edition, you may need to request API access from your Salesforce sales representative. *Lightning Developer, Lightning Professional, Lightning Enterprise, Lightning Unlimited are supported.

You can also check this article on how to enable API access in your Salesforce account.

Hope this helps you to continue syncing your data!

Fixing INVALID LOGIN in Salesforce


Unable to login to Salesforce

Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out. (Error code: INVALID_LOGIN)

Error details:

Salesforce password you specified has expired. Please change the password and update the Set Up configuration with the new password. You will also need to update the security token if the password is changed.

First, we will need to identify the factors that might have caused this:

  • Updated the Salesforce credentials such as Password and/or Security Token yet did not update in Step 1 of the Set Up.
  • Updated the Password but still using the old Security Token.
  • Edited the new credentials in Step 1 of the Sync Profile but still errored out.
  • Salesforce Password has expired.

Alternatively, you can use "Oauth2" as the Authentication type so that you don't need to manually look for the security token, we'll automatically detect it for you. 

Important reminder:

Password is tied up with your Security Token.

Please note that when you update your Salesforce Password, the NEW Security Token will be sent by Salesforce to your email. So when you edit your password in Step 1, it is crucial to also enter the new Salesforce Security Token or reconnect using the "Ouath2" authentication type.



How to fix:

  • Edit the Salesforce Credentials in Step 1 of the Set Up with the new Password and/or Security Token. Remember to DISABLE any of your browser’s PasswordSafe or any password programs and re-edit.
  • If the above-mentioned steps do not work, then try to open edit it on your browser’s INCOGNITO/PRIVATE mode browser.
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