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Mindbody Online Error: Unable to Create Invoice...

Determining how to solve the issue below?

Unable to create an Invoice. The amount paid is greater than the amount due for an invoice with key 109xxx

We have found that Mindbody Online actually uses Banker's Rounding method that is different.
So for example 2.625 is rounded to 2.62 by Mindbody but rounded to 2.63 (0.01 difference).

You can also check the link below for more information: Why isn't my sales tax rounding up Banker's rounding?

The root cause is that Mindbody Online uses inconsistent rounding for a percentage discount.

See the example screenshot below:


To fix it, you need to edit the failed invoice in Intacct, update the discount amount (subtract $0.01) then reset the sync. SyncApps should recreate the payment correctly then resync.

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