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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) required for NetSuite 2019 integrations using a highly privileged role

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Are you having trouble in your integration with an error around Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) required or just heard about the new changes coming to your NetSuite Account?

Well, good news! SyncApps now supports NetSuite Token Based Authentication (TBA) as an Authentication Type. It should be super simple to get this setup today if you go this route.

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Since NetSuite will start enforcing two-factor authentication (2FA) for all Administrator, Full Access, and other highly privileged roles in all NetSuite accounts in their 2018.2 release in 2019. It is time to get your integrations up to speed to make sure they run smoothly.

This also includes access to production, sandbox, development, and Release Preview Accounts. The Administrator and Full Access roles are designated as 2FA authentication required by default, and this requirement cannot be removed.

To ensure your SyncApps integrations continue to run without any snags, just be sure to create a custom role in NetSuite with the needed rights.

1. Create a custom role

2. Assign the custom role to a user 

3. Use the custom role id in Sync Profile configuration

OR use Token Based Authentication in Step 1 of your integration.

These changes will go into effect for all NetSuite account effective the date 2018.2 is released to your organization.

Your NetSuite administrator can find the exact upgrade date for your organization by logging in to your NetSuite account to see when this switch will be in effect.

Token Based Authentication might just be your answer to this new change.

See how to implement it here...

For more information, please see the NetSuite 2018.2 release notes located here...

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