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How to find your Mailchimp API Key to use in your SyncApps integration

Have you encountered an error when connecting to Mailchimp in Step 2 of your Set Up which states that the API Key might be invalid for Mailchimp? 

Here are a few of the following factors that might have caused the error:

  • You might have inputted the wrong Mailchimp API Key in Step 2 of the Set Up.
  • When updating the Mailchimp API key in Step 2, the browser's password programs are enabled as this causes cache issues.
  • Mailchimp API key has been expired.


  • First, log in to your Mailchimp account then head straight to the API Keys. Create or generate a new one to be used for SyncApps. 
  • Copy the new API Key then head back to your Set Up, specifically in Step 2. 


Note -- When editing, remember to disable the browser's password programs or any autofill programs. You can also edit this in incognito/private mode.
  • Paste the newly generated API Key in the Mailchimp API key text box in Step 2 of the Set Up. Hit Save then resync.

Check out the full Mailchimp for Salesforce Guide below to see how to set up your integration.

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