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Mindbody Online "Inactive" records

Hey, there!

Are you wondering why some of your records are not syncing and after a review found out that most of them are marked as "Inactive"?

First, what is an "Inactive" in Mindbody Online? 

Those are deactivated clients in your Mindbody Online account, so these types of records will be ignored by SyncApps.


If your requirements call for integrating these types of inactive records, then these should be reactivated so that SyncApps will be able to process these records to be synced to your integrated software.

Another workaround is to mass update Mindbody Online to overcome this limitation to sync to the integrated software initially, then the clients can deactivate them later on as needed.

If you have any questions, drop us an email at our 24/7 Support Desk.


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