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Can I map multiple email address fields?

By default, SyncApps considers the primary or standard Email address as the record's unique data identifier and basis for capturing marketing metrics from your marketing automation software.

But if wanting to sync other email address fields outside the primary or standard Email address, then give our 24/7 Support team a shout out so we can work on customization that will allow email address fields to be available under the field mapping section in Step 4 of your Sync Profile.


Map these fields to the corresponding email address fields (e.g: Work Email, Preferred Email, etc)

Now, if the email address field(s) came from your CRM, make sure that the mapping direction is set to "CRM to Marketing Automation", if from marketing automation then use "Marketing Automation to CRM". 

If the case is that both CRM and Marketing Automation software have the fields filled in then CRM has the higher precedence. This means that CRM email address fields will be the ones that will be followed if the mapping direction is set to "Both".

Note that these email address fields (outside of the primary or standard one) will not be used to send Campaigns in your marketing automation software.

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