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How to sync Act-On Web Form data to Zoho CRM?

Learning how to sync your Act-On web form data to Zoho CRM?


First things, first! In your Sync Profile Setup, be sure that you have created an Email List or Master List in Act-On and specify it in Step 2 of the Sync Profile.

You will also need to map the necessary Act-On web form fields in Step 4 of the Sync Profile and make sure that you have also set the mapping direction to "Both". If the fields do not show up, here are a few steps:

  • Try to tap the "Refresh fields" button. 
  • The field should be on your Act-On web form.

If the fields do not show up, hit us up today!

Important Reminder: Always Save, Reset Sync Process, and resync whenever you've edited or added any fields so that any changes will take effect on your next syncs.

Please see screenshots below:



Now, you're all set in your Sync Profile.

Next, create an Act-On webform, or if you have an existing one, it'll also work. Note that these web forms, either new or existing ones, should be connected in your Master List (specified in Step 2 of the Sync Profile) so that when a web form lands to your Act-On Master List or whenever the Sync Profile runs, this will create a new record(s) in Zoho CRM. 

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