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My Dynamics 365 Marketing Lists aren't syncing to Mailchimp

Hi there! Guess you are stuck on an issue with your Dynamics 365 to Mailchimp integration. How about checking the scenario below and together, let's figure out how to solve it. Sounds good, right?

The scenario is that the Marketing Lists (and the list members/Contacts) from your CRM do not seem to be created in Mailchimp, even though the log files said they have already been synced especially when it is already shown in the Sync Details.


Sync Profile check:

Make sure that you haven't enabled the Filtering and Segmentation as Marketing Lists will not be created as separate Group(s) in Mailchimp, but rather create new Groups based in the Segmentation criteria set in Step 5 of the Sync Profile.

Option 1: CRM Marketing List Sync Only

If wanting to sync only your CRM Marketing List(s) with list members or Contacts in it, then select only the Marketing List feature in Step 1 of the Sync Profile. (See screenshot below)

When the sync runs, these Marketing Lists will be created as separate Group(s) in Mailchimp, and the records will be added to them or updated on the existing ones.

Option 2: New Group(s) created by Filtering and Segmentation Feature Only.

Our Filtering and Segmentation feature is very popular with our subscribers today.

If wanting to create Group(s) without manually selecting Marketing List(s), in Step 1 of the Sync Profile, you will need to set the Marketing List Sync to "None" so that the Filtering and Segmentation feature will base its record lookup to your whole CRM database.

Next, in Step 5 of the Sync Profile, set your Filtering criteria per Segment. And once again, please note that per segment, a Group will be created in Mailchimp. Let's create an example using the screenshot below.

Based on the filtering criteria below, the Segment Name "T1" will create a new Mailchimp Group named "T1" then the records under that created Group will be those Contact type records with Type 1 Program. Same works in the next segment. 


Hope that helps and reach out to our 24/7 Support Team if you need anything! 

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