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Authentication methods available to connect Salesforce integrations

Setting up your integration Set Up is super simple, but it's understandable that when there are choices there tend to be questioned.

Here's one of the frequently asked questions regarding Salesforce integrations.

Does SyncApps require an API key or Security Token to integrate using the Salesforce API?


If you use oAuth2 we support it for Salesforce authentication as well as Username and Password. You can even just safelist our IPs to connect.

If choosing to use the Username and Password method then an API key or Security Token is very important as it serves as a key for you to access your software by SyncApps and be able to migrate your records to your other connecting software. If you do not have the API key or Security Token, you can safelist your IP.

See the guide here.

Connect different CRM Accounts to your connecting software

If you want to connect, let's say five different CRM Accounts to your Marketing Automation software, you will need to enter a different Security Token or API key per Account per Set Up.

Multiple Set Ups with one CRM Account

You can use the same Security Token or API key for this time of requirement even if you have one CRM account to connect to multiple Marketing Automation software.

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