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Multiple Security Tokens for multiple Sync Profiles?

Setting up your Sync Profile is super simple! Yet here's one of the frequently asked question by our new subscribers for SyncApps integrations that require an API key or Security Token.

An API key or Security Token is very important because it will serve as a key to access your software by SyncApps so that these records will be migrated to your connecting software. If you do not have the API key or Security Token, you can be able to whitelist your IP.

See the guide here.

For the API key or Security Token, see the following options below: 


Connect different CRM Accounts to your connecting software

If you want to connect let's say 5 different CRM Accounts to your Marketing Automation software, you will need to enter different Security Token or API key per Account per Sync Profile.

Multiple Sync Profiles with one CRM Account

You can use the same Security Token or API key for this time of requirement even if you have one CRM account to connect to multiple Marketing Automation software.

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