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Specific NetSuite Saved Searches to Mailchimp Tag(s)

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Check out our use-case below around a conversation between our Support team and a subscriber on how NetSuite Saved Searches create Mailchimp Tags:


Hello, I am setting up a NetSuite-Mailchimp integration.

I want to sync the contacts automatically, but also by using conditions and tag accordingly.

Can I set up 4 different Saved Searches from NetSuite to each go into the same Main Audience in Mailchimp, but with 4 different tags (depending on the Saved Search?)


Yes, and that use case is perfect for just one integration or Sync Profile to set up.

First, go straight to Step 1 of the Sync Profile then enter. Please select Specific Saved Searches as the Records to Sync.

Next, enter the Saved Search ID, Type, and Tag name under Mailchimp Group name. Tap the "Add New NetSuite Saved Search" button then do the same process for the next Saved Search ID and so on. Hit Save.

In Step 2 of the Sync Profile, be sure that you have selected Use Tag as the segmentation method. After this is done, do the Reset Sync Process and resync.

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