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NetSuite Transaction Saved Search not updating Marketing Automation List(s), Group(s), or Tag(s)

Hey there subscriber! 

Wondering why your NetSuite Transaction Saved Search isn't updating your Marketing Automation List(s), Group(s) or Tag(s)?

Since the integration looks at only modified data in the normal course of each sync run, the " Reset Sync Profile daily" customization might be needed, like in the situation where syncing Transaction Saved Searches are being used but updating the Customer record is not synced by SyncApps.

Just reach out to our 24/7 Support team so that the customization can be enabled for you. 

This customization is called "Reset Sync Profile daily". This will allow your Sync Profile to do the Reset Sync Process. Thus, enabling you to resync daily automatically and help you update and sync your record's updates to your Marketing Automation List(s), Group(s), or Tag(s) on every sync.

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