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How can I limit my records to sync rather than syncing all records?

Hey there! Need to limit your records being brought over as you don't want to blow up your Marketing Automation solution's record count?

No problem!

There are three options to choose from based on your preference. See below:


Let's use a Salesforce example:

Do not sync Contacts, Leads, or Accounts from Salesforce to Constant Contact

This option will not sync your Software A records to Software B. If you want to just flow your records from Software B and store them in Software A, then this is the suggested option.

Another use case is that when you already have synced your records and do not want to sync newly created from Software A, then you can select this option.

Sync Salesforce Campaign/List Members to Constant Contact List

This option will allow you to sync your Software A Campaign(s), List(s), List View(s), Tearsheet(s) and will be created as segmented Email List(s), Audience(s), Group(s), Tag(s) to Software B with the same name.

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Filtering and Segmentation Feature

The Filtering and Segmentation feature will allow you to look up in your Software A database and only pick up those records that will pass the criteria. Enabling the segmentation allows you to segment your filtering criteria records into separate Email List(s), Audience(s), Group(s) or Tag(s) in Software B.

Like the example above, only records with the City under Mumbai will be synced to Software B.

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