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Update an email address in Salesforce to Constant Contact, Mailchimp and others without creating a new record

Hello there and thanks for stopping by! Do you want to update your CRM or eCommerce platform record's email address without creating a new record in Constant Contact, Mailchimp or others?

Easy! By default, SyncApps will just update the record for you when it is changed in your CRM or eCommerce platform on the next integration run. 

Since most marketing departments requirement is just to update the email address, retaining the historical email marketing data in Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or others, this is the standard functionality of the SyncApps platform. 

However, if your marketing team wants to instead just delete the record and create a new one then just select this option from your integration Steps to override the default behavior of SyncApps.

Note: If Salesforce record does not exist in your marketing automation platform at the time of syncing, this will create a new record in your marketing automation platform.


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