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Zoho CRM Integration Basics


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Common questions:

We have more questions prior to sync - once we do the sync will everything be compared? –Report to let us know differences?

1.  Sync Constant Contact and Zoho - if we add a new contact in one application –say Zoho, if that contact already exists in Constant contact, will this be ignored?

Cazoomi: Yes, the rules are CRM wins so if a record is added in Constant Contact with an email match then it will marry to the existing one in CRM.

2. If two contact names are the same but other information does not match , will there be any type of report to let us know, such as an exception report?

Cazoomi: Yes, we provide full reports on which emails synced between both software each time the integration runs.

3. If in Zoho and Constant Contact but doesn’t match can a second record be added?

Cazoomi: Could you send us an example screenshot of this use case?

4. If we have several logs in for Zoho and Constant contact, do we have to do many syncs? Or one sync covers them all and they are all connected?

Cazoomi: If using both Contacts and Leads in CRM you can use 2 integrations to meet this need. 

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