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How can I create a new record in Salesforce even if it already exists?

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! Do you need to create another Contact or Lead in Salesforce even if a matching record exists?


Many software companies get multiple leads for multiple products like below on lead forms and need a way to make sure each is captured in their software of record.


By default, SyncApps uses the email address as the unique data identifier. So when SyncApps detects the same email address of a record, even if a different record type, SyncApps will recognize it as a duplicate and it will not be synced back to CRM, eCommerce, Support or your Financial software.

In Step 1 of the Sync Profile, you'll see the feature "Create a new Contact or Lead in Salesforce even if a matching email record exists for either".

This key feature will enable your marketing team to capture leads for your sales teams even if you already have an existing record in Salesforce as a different Object type. Let's say, a Contact then in Mailchimp, it uses the same email address but as a Lead record, whenever this option is enabled, then it will create a new record in Salesforce.

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