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Salesforce Campaign(s), Marketing List(s), Checkboxes to Mailchimp Multiple Group Categories in the same integration

Hey there! Need to create Mailchimp Groups from your Salesforce Campaign(s), Marketing List(s), or Checkboxes in CRM?

Great find! This article will surely meet that requirement!

Let's check out how to set this up in Step 1 of your integration.

1. Use this feature - Want to use a Campaign or Marketing List to sync Campaign and List Members to Mailchimp? Select this feature


Salesforce Campaigns to Mailchimp Groups

Now, let's try the most common use case with Salesforce Campaigns, which will allow us to integrate each Salesforce Campaign to a Mailchimp Group under a Group Category.

Tap the browse button and select the specific Campaign(s). Make sure that these Campaign(s) are active and that you've added at least 1 Contact record per Campaign.

For example, you have these selected Salesforce Campaigns in Step 1 of the Sync Profile:

  • John Manere Test 1
  • John Manere Test 2
  • John Manere Test 3 

If done, hit the "Next" button so that the new update will be saved.

In Step 2 of the Sync Profile, the selected Salesforce Campaign(s) will show up and get assigned to which existing Mailchimp Group under their specified Audience to sync. They can also create a new Group by inputting a new Group name.

They need to also enable the toggle switch so that the Campaign records will be synced to the Group. See the screenshot below:

Once done setting up, hit the Save button and then Reset Sync Process and resync.

After the sync is done, check your Mailchimp Audience and the Salesforce Campaign(s) will now be synced to specified Mailchimp Group(s) under each Mailchimp Group Category specified in your integration.


CRM Checkboxes to Mailchimp Groups

Another common use case is also using CRM Checkboxes on records to control which Groups under which Group Category in Mailchimp your records are added to in the integration.


If you are on a free trial then just select this feature instead of using Campaigns.


If on a paid plan then you'll want to grab the Checkbox Field Mapping Feature Add-On, located on the Add-Ons tab on the left panel when you are in the dashboard.


Once enabled, you will be able to setup Checkbox fields to Mailchimp Groups in Step 1 of your integration.

Details on that setup here.

That was quite easy, right? Let us know what you think about this feature and how we can improve it by reaching out to our 24/7 Support team today!

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