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Sync Zoho CRM Potentials to Infusionsoft by Keap

Hey there!

Need to sync your Zoho CRM Potentials (Or sometimes called Opportunity or Deal to some) to Infusonsoft by Keap integration? Yes! SyncApps does sync Potentials.


Follow these simple steps for a successful test! But first, see the following reminders below before syncing them:

  • Make sure that the Zoho CRM Potential record(s) have an email address. SyncApps will only retrieve the standard email address
  • Create a test Potential record to sync
  • The record type should be in Contact or Account type

Let's get started!

Firstly, you must have a Sync Profile and make some determinant that this Sync Profile is for Potentials. (We suggest this method so that the main records and Potentials record will not mix up in Infusionsoft.)

Head to Step 1 of the Sync Profile and select the option "Retrieve Contact/Account Potentials". 

Note: If this option is checked, Potentials fields will be available on mapping configuration. This feature may need many API calls if you have a large number of Potentials.

Please note that it may cause exceeding API limit issue if you have a large number of potentials. For example, larger than 10,000.

This feature is only available on the SyncApps Professional plan or as an Add-On.

Hit Save then Reset Sync Process and resync so that changes will be applied in the next sync.

So, there you have it! Give a shout today to our 24/7 Support Team if you need more help.

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