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Adding Person Accounts to Campaigns in Mass

Do you have hundreds or even thousands of Person Accounts to add to Campaigns in mass? There are a variety of methods to have this done yet what you need to remember is that the Campaign Members are use cases where Person Accounts act as "Contacts". In the simplest terms, you are interacting with the person contact half of the record directly. 

See the methods below:

  • Contact List Views. To ensure that person accounts are included in the list of records, make sure that any filters that exclude records are removed where "Is Person Account" is True. Make use of the "Add to Campaign" button to add the selected Person Accounts to the desired campaign.
  • Contact Reports. Note that Person Accounts can be included in custom and standard Contact reports. Don't forget to remove any filters excluding records where the "Is Person Account" field is True. In order to add the list of Person Accounts to the desired campaign, use the "Add to Campaign" from either report type.
  • Campaign: Manage Members - Import. Through the use of the import wizard, Person Accounts can be imported as Campaign Members. For you to successfully import the records, you need the Person Contact ID for the Person Account. Know that the said ID can be retrieved by running a report, including the Contact: Is Person Contact fields and Contact ID. See this help topic for more information.
  • Campaign: Manage Members - Search. When Campaigns are added using this method, Person Accounts are returned in the search results. To identify the desired Person Accounts, Account and Contact fields can be used as search criteria. Also, to exclusively search for Person Accounts, the "Is Person Account" field can be used as part of your search criteria.

If you have any questions regarding this, don't hesitate to send us an email to our 24/7 Support Team.

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