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Mapping Hard Bounce, Bounce Date, and Bounce Reason from Constant Contact

Have you already set up your Bounce Date and Bounce Reason fields in Step 4 of the Sync Profile but still not syncing back to your CRM?

Let's check that together!

First, you just have to double-check if the field in CRM is a custom text type field, especially when using Salesforce as your CRM. If you haven't been able to do this, please create a custom text type field then drag that field to your Campaign Layout.

Getting Started with Campaign Layout Fields in Salesforce

Next is to check if the fields are correctly mapped in Step 4 of the Sync Profile, check the mapping direction as it should be Constant Contact to CRM, and if you have selected the correct Campaign Response Sync Mode.

Bounce Reason:

Since Bounce Reason is a text field then on a separate Campaign sent to the individual the reason would be overwritten as it is only 1 field on the record in CRM.

Please note that if the Campaign Only (No Campaign Member) method is selected then the Bounce Reason will not be synced.

If you have mapped them each then Save your integration then Reset Sync Process and Sync Now.

There, you will now have Bounce Date and Bounce Reason fields sync back to Salesforce every time the integration runs.

Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Support team if you have any questions.

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