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Are you wondering how our Free Plan works for your integration? We've got a handy flowchart to help you understand how the Free Plan works.

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Our Free Plan includes:

SyncApps will only ask for your credit card details if you purchase our Add-Ons or our Services Packages. Once you're on our Free Plan, you can relax—let your Set it & Forget it integration do the rest.


Let's take a look at the flowchart above as a visual example of how the records flow to your Marketing Automation Software and back to CRM/Financials/eCommerce.

Our Free Plan flow synchronizes records from CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software to your Marketing Automation Software.

The selected Object/Module type is what SyncApps will be syncing.

If you have selected "Contacts", only the Contact type of records will be synced to your Marketing Automation's Main List/Audience. If wanting to sync "Leads", you'll need to set up another Sync Profile. This is because you can select 1 Object Type only per Sync Profile.

There are options to purchase an additional 2 Sync Profiles OR upgrade to one of our paid plans to get more Sync Profiles and features.

For our use-case, we'll use "Contacts" as the Object/Module Type.

Flow: CRM, Financials, eCommerce Software, which is under your Contacts in CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software, together with the basic fields such as Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number, will be synced to Marketing Automation's specified Main List/Audience in Step 2 of the Sync Profile if the record doesn't exist at the time of syncing.

SyncApps uses the standard Email address, so if a record doesn't contain one, SyncApps will ignore that record and it will not be synced to your Marketing Automation Software.

Limitations: SyncApps will only sync the records INSIDE the Contacts tab. If the record is in a CRM Campaign(s), Tearsheet(s), or another segmentation type, you'll need to purchase our List Sync Add-On. Also, additional Field Mapping is only available in our Paid Plans. 

Flow: Marketing Automation Software to CRM, Financials, eCommerce Software

Both new record(s) and existing ones that belong to your Main List/Audience will be synced to your CRM, Financials, eCommerce Software.

If you have a pre-existing record(s) in your Software Marketing Automation's Main List/Audience, SyncApps will sync them to CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software by default. However, if you would like to have field mapping from existing records in Marketing Automation Software update CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software, you'll need to make sure to have the Add-On for Field Mapping.

If you encounter any issues just shoot out 24/7 Support Team.

Case: Can a new record from a Web form/Sign-Up form be created as a new record in my CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software with Free Plan?


You just need to land your Webform/Sign-Up form in the Main List/Audience specified in Step 2 of the Sync Profile, so that whenever a new record fills up the form, it'll land to the specified Main List/Audience. Then, when the scheduled sync runs, it will be created as a new record in your CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software.

See our article here for more information.

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