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Why some of my Leads from Salesforce are not syncing to my Marketing Automation software

Are having a hard time figuring out why some of your Salesforce Leads are not syncing to your Marketing Automation Software? 

Here are a few factors why the Lead record(s) is not syncing to your Marketing Automation Software:

  • Lead Record does not have an email address. By default, SyncApps uses the standard or primary email address as the unique data identifier for new record creation and updating record(s).
  • For Mailchimp, the Lead record might have missed to fill up the required fields. See here for more information about blank fields.
  • The Lead record has converted to Person Account type record.

See the use-case below on one of the usual cases on why some Lead(s) are not syncing to your Marketing Automation Software:

Subscriber: Hello, I just synced a Campaign from Salesforce to Constant Contact that contained 55 Leads but only 50 showed up in the Constant Contact list?

Cazoomi: Hello, Could you please share with us the 5 email addresses that weren't synced to Constant Contact as we'll check those records in our logs?

Subscriber: *Gives 5 specific records that were not synced

Cazoomi: Thanks and those weren't synced to Constant Contact as Leads because they have converted to Person Accounts (Converted Leads) in Salesforce.

09 May 2019 13:00:34 DEBUG Delete converted Leads completed successfully. UpdateStatus [successfulEmailAddresses=[recordx@gmail.com,  recordy@gmail.com,  recordz@gmail.com,  recorda@gmail.com],  success=4,  error=0]

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