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Create Marketing Automation Email List(s), Group(s), or Tag(s) from specific filters in CRM

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Syncing records from your CRM database might be a tedious task if transferring those records manually to CRM Campaign(s), Marketing List(s), List View(s), Tearsheet(s) just to segment them into Marketing Automation email list(s), Group(s), or Tag(s).

But there's a shortcut for that!

Do you need some guidance on how to properly set up your Filtering criteria and segment those into Marketing Automation email list(s), Group(s), or Tag(s) from your CRM database?

Great! Well, here's the right article for you!

Now we'll look at a typical use-case:

The Subscriber has 6 Sales Agents in his CRM. Each Sales agent has its own records.

Now, this company wanted to segment only 3 of those 6 Sales Agents and place them into a segmented Marketing Automation email list(s), Group(s), or Tag(s). But the problem is that their CRM database is quite deep so it's time-consuming that they still need to place them into separate CRM List(s). 

Best Practice: Use Filtering and Segmentation(Step 5)

Here are some Steps to review:

1. In Step 1 of the Sync Profile, you'll need to enable the "Sync Salesforce Campaign/List Members to Marketing Automation List" so that SyncApps can be able to look up records in your whole CRM database.

2. Head to Step 5 of the Sync Profile and set the Contact owner per Sales Agent or whatever criteria meet your guidelines. For the Segment name, you can name it per Sales Agent or whatever works based on your preference.

3. Hit save, Reset Sync Process and resync.

Each Segment name should be created in your Marketing Automation as email list(s) automatically by SyncApps together with the records based their corresponding criteria.

See the flowchart below for visualization:


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