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What happens to those Marketing Automation records who did not respond or responded late to an email Campaign

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Wondering how Marketing Metrics work with SyncApps for those who did not respond or responded late to your email Campaign?

By default, when the record(s) responded to the email automation, the metrics such as opens, clicks, bounces, and links clicked will sync back to the newly created CRM Campaign (or depends on the Campaign Response Sync Mode selected).

What if the record(s) did not respond or responded late to your email campaign?

When you resend a Campaign to those who did not open the original Email Campaign, this event is treated as a separate Campaign in the API. Thus, if you deselect the Specific Campaigns to Sync from in Step 2, then enabling the Reset Sync Process to the integration will bring in those new Email Campaigns into Salesforce sent to others who did not open the first Email Campaign.

However, these will be separate Campaigns in Salesforce since the API treats each that was sent to any List or Audience separately in Klaviyo, Constant Contact, Drip, Mailchimp, Delivra, and others.

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