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Marketing Automation Metrics flow back to Zoho CRM

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Syncing back your Marketing Automation marketing metrics such as  back to Zoho CRM

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Here are a few Help Center Articles that will help you have an idea of how  syncing back the Marketing Metrics back to Zoho CRM works:


Flow: Zoho to Marketing Automation

Records from Zoho CRM Campaign/List View A and CRM Campaign/List View B are now synced to your Marketing Automation's Master List/ Main List / Audience and now created into segmented Email List(s) or Group(s) with the same name under that Master List/ Main List / Audience.

In Step 1 of the Sync Profile Configuration, you have selected "Create a New Zoho CRM Campaign and Sync To it" as the Campaign Response Sync Method.


Flow: Marketing Automation to Zoho CRM

Now that the records have landed in your Marketing Automation's Master List/ Main List/ Audience, create and run the Marketing Automation Campaign and make sure that you have selected these Email List(s), Group(s) that were created from the Zoho CRM Campaign(s) as the recipients of the Campaign.

Let's assume that the Campaign is 100% done and when the sync runs, SyncApps will then create a new Zoho CRM Campaign together with the Marketing Automation's Campaign Responses marketing metrics such as opens, clicks, bounces, etc. 

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