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SyncApps Rejects Duplicate Records

Wondering how the same records sync in an integration work?

SyncApps uses the email address under the standard email address field to determine it as the unique data identifier. When an email address already exists then SyncApps detects it and then will reject the new one with the same email address that already existed.

So here are some typical questions from our subscribers about duplicate records:

Case A: Both email addresses for the initial Sync

It's your first time syncing your records using SyncApps and you have 2 records sharing the same email address. When the sync runs, the first one picked up by SyncApps will be synced to connecting software and the other one will be rejected and treated as a duplicate record.

Case B: Email address already exist, add the same email address but a different name.

If the record already exists in both software, then SyncApps will reject the new one and treat it as a duplicate record.

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