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How To Integrate Shopify With Mailchimp

Looking for a great solution to integrate your Mailchimp with Shopify? 

Shopify with Mailchimp has recently broken ties this year so you might be wondering how SyncApps works to help both software subscribers integrate the data they need in real-time.

Why use SyncApps to integrate your Shopify with Mailchimp?

We sync unlimited records, bidirectional syncing, PLUS packed with powerful features and exceptional support at a reasonable price!

See the Major Features here for Shopify to Mailchimp

With SyncApps, you'll be able to do the following:

The features below will sync all your records to your Mailchimp Audience.

  • Sync all Shopify Customers who purchased products recently
  • Sync Shopify Customers with Abandoned Carts
  • Sync Shopify Customers

Be sure to test out the feature below in your integration which will allow you to segment the Product, by Variant, or by Product and Variant in separate Mailchimp Group(s) or Tags under the specified Mailchimp Audience which means it's easier to manage your records and send out email automation series to these specific Mailchimp Groups(s) or those customers Tagged.

  • Segment by Product, by Variant, or by Product and Variant


Not just that! When you use lead generation forms on your website, a Mailchimp record will be created each time they fill out a form or chat then when the Sync runs, it will create a new Customer in Shopify automatically.

Also, when a record is updated in Mailchimp then it will also update the record in Shopify.

See the Flowchart below:


Not just that! If you want to grab your specific Customers from Mailchimp, you can also use our powerful Filtering and Segmentation feature!

Filtering records bidirectionally using specific criteria

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Check out our key documentation below for more information:

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