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Mapping event fields from Eventbrite to Salesforce

Mapping the Eventbrite fields for your integration with Salesforce is super simple!

Before starting, make sure that you already have the list of the Eventbrite Fields that you want to map in Step 4 of the Sync Profile so that these fields will be created as Custom Fields in Salesforce. Please note that this will only be applicable to the new records from Eventbrite. 

If you have existing records in Eventbrite that weren't synced to Salesforce, then you'll need to manually export them, import it to Salesforce, and then place them into their respective Campaigns.

In this case, we'll use the Eventbrite ID field for mapping.


Salesforce spot check

In Salesforce, you will need to first create the Custom Fields from the Eventbrite fields. We'll use the Eventbrite ID field.

Setup > Customization > Campaigns > Field > then tap the "New" button under the Campaign Custom Fields and Relationships.


Select as text type field. Once done, head to the Page Layout then place it in your Campaign Layout, so that the Eventbrite Event will be created as a Campaign in Salesforce together with the added Custom Fields.


So you're all set in Salesforce.

Setting up fields in your Sync Profile

To be able to map your Event fields, enable the option "Sync Eventbrite Events" so that the "Event" tab in Step 4 of the Sync Profile will be available for mapping.



In Step 4 of the Sync Profile, map the desired fields. In this example, we'll map the Eventbrite ID to the Salesforce Custom Field for Eventbrite ID.

Please note to always set the mapping direction "Eventbrite to Salesforce". Once done, tap the "Add Mapping" button. Hit save then Reset Sync Process and resync, so that the changes will be applied in the next sync.


If the Custom Fields that you're looking for is not available, please make sure that you already have created them and place them into your Campaign Layout in Salesforce.

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