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Campaign Response from Specific Lists in Constant Contact to CRM?

Hi there!

Are you using your Constant Contact List as the recipient of your Constant Contact Campaigns and want to sync them back to CRM?


First, we need to understand the most important rule here in SyncApps. CRM, your system of record, always win in the integration, so, therefore, all the records from CRM will be created in the specified Constant Contact Main List. But only the new records from that Constant Contact List will sync back and be created as new records in CRM if they do not exist at the time of sync.

When using Campaign Response, the records should be in both systems as SyncApps will only grab the Campaign Response data from those records that are existing in both systems.

In this case, we only sync 1 Main List per Sync Profile.

Now, how can you sync the Campaign Response records to CRM as Campaign Members together with the Marketing Metrics? Simple! See how it works below:

Step A: Sync the records from Constant Contact Master List to CRM

In Step 1 of the Sync Profile, be sure to select which Object Type you want to sync as the Sync Profile will follow your preference. This means that if you have selected Leads as the Object type to sync, then only Lead Records will be updated.

Make sure that you also have selected the right "New Object type to Sync". If you leave it blank, SyncApps will follow the "Object type to sync" option you have selected.


In Step 2 of the Sync Profile, enter the name of the existing Main List then sync the records of that specified list by selecting the option "Sync from Specific list". When the sync runs, the pre-existing records will be created as new records in CRM if the records do not exist at the time of sync.

Note: If this option is not enabled, then only the new records that will land to the specified Main List will be brought over to CRM whenever the sync runs.



Once done, tap the update button, hit Save, Reset Sync Process, and then resync.

Step B: Running Campaign Response

Now that the records are in both systems already, head to Step 1 of the Sync Profile and enable the "Sync Campaign Responses" option.


Select a Campaign Response Sync Mode. For starters, we suggest the "Create Salesforce Campaign". This will create a new CRM Campaign together with the marketing metrics. Let's say the name of that Constant Contact Campaign is "Test CC Campaign A", then SyncApps will create a new CRM Campaign named "Test CC Campaign A" together with the Campaign Members and marketing metrics such as opens, clicks, bounces, and clicked URLs.

Once done, hit the Next button.

In Step 2 of the Sync Profile, select the specific Constant Contact Campaign. Make sure that the recipient of the Constant Contact Campaign is your specified Main List. If the records are not in your Main List, then SyncApps will ignore the Campaign Responses from those records.



In this case, "Hit Tax Ryan Territory" recipient is the specified Main List which is "Ryan Territory Master Zoom Leads".

Hit update, Reset Sync Process and then resync. Once the integration is finished running, then SyncApps will now create a new Salesforce Campaign "Hit Tax Ryan Territory" together with the Campaign Responses (Marketing Metrics such as opens, clicks, bounce, sent, clicked URLs).


If you hit any snags, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our 24/7 Support team or book a call through our Services page.


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