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No New Klaviyo Campaigns are Syncing Back to NetSuite

Hi! For this article, we'll be using feedback from a subscriber regarding an issue. Let's read their feedback below:


It appears that Campaign data syncs fully when a Campaign is sent to a top-level list in Klaviyo (Main List specified in Step 2). However, if we create a segment based on the same list, and send a campaign to that segment, that campaign data never syncs. I've looked at SyncApps logs over the past month, across several different sync profiles and Klaviyo lists/segments, and all seem to follow this behavior.

This is an issue for us because we primarily use segments for marketing. Our segments are all based on custom properties, which are mapped from NetSuite fields via our SyncApps profiles. So it seems like everything should be playing together nicely.

To sum it up: The subscriber created some segments in Klaviyo from the specified Main List in Step 2 so that they can target the specific Campaigns to specific Klaviyo segments.

Now, the problem is that when they created these segments from the Klaviyo Main List and ran the Campaign through these segments, the Campaign metrics did not sync back to CRM.

By default, SyncApps will only retrieve the marketing metrics from the specified Klaviyo Main List in Step 2 of the Sync Profile. As a solution to this error, our DevOps team created an integration enhancement where the Sync Profile also syncs back all the marketing metrics from the specified segments.

Please note, though, that this will only work if the Klaviyo segments are created from the specified Klaviyo Main List in Step 2 of the Sync Profile.

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