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Mindbody Online Payment on Account integration with Quickbooks Online

Tracking daily sales reports form your gym, spa, yoga sessions, etc. is very essential for your health and wellness business. Manually encoding them from Mindbody Online to Quickbooks can be prone to errors and might cause discrepancies due to incorrect data entries.

Ditch the incorrect data entries by using Mindbody Online with Quickbooks Online integration as this will beef up your point of sales system for your business by automatically syncing the data to Quickbooks Online in real-time!

The first step is that you'll just need to connect Mindbody Online and Quickbooks Online. See the guide below here.

This feature below will be an option to choose from in your setup. 

Sync Mindbody Payment on Account

If the option is checked SyncApps will follow the accounting rules below:

  • If a sale contains "Account" payment, an Invoice will be created in QuickBooks Online. Any partial payments will be created as payments in Quickbooks Online.
  • For a Payment on Account in Mindbody Online, a Payment will be created in QuickBooks.
    If SyncApps finds an invoice with a matched balance, SyncApps will apply the payment to the invoice.

Note: Any refund to Account credit in Mindbody will create a Credit Note in QuickBooks Online.


Further accounting references on this topic:

QuickBooks Online has a discussion board if you need a quick review of partial payments on invoices.

Mindbody Help Center has a deep dive article into how this works for Mindbody account credit and the Account payment method. For Partial Refunds see this article.

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