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Enabling Mailchimp Static Text fields to boost your Salesforce eCommerce workflows with ease

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Wondering how to play with your Salesforce fields with workflow rules using SyncApps? Creating a Salesforce workflow for your SyncApps integration is super simple!

One specific use case here is that when you wanted to automatically check the non-subscription/non-preference checkbox fields in Salesforce as we all know that these CRM checkbox fields are for subscriptions and preferences only.


Let's do it!

Use-case example:

  • Check the "VIP" checkbox whenever a new record lands to your Main List/Audience.


  • No Checkbox field type available - example in Mailchimp


First, create a Salesforce text field and the checkbox/any field to be targeted with the workflow.

Add Salesforce workflow to that specific text field to that Contact/Lead record.

Add those fields ( text field and the checkbox/ any other field with that workflow) to the Contact/Lead page layout so that it will be available for mapping in Step 4 of the Sync Profile.

An example of the workflow is that when a field in Salesforce gets populated then that specific checkbox field will automatically be marked with a check.

See how to set the workflow rule below:

  1. Set the Criteria for Your Workflow Rule
    Get started with creating a new workflow rule by selecting the object the rule relates to and configuring its criteria.
  2. Add Automated Actions to Your Workflow Rule
    Once you’ve set the criteria for your workflow rule, identify what to do when that criteria are met.
  3. Identify Your Salesforce Org’s Default Workflow User
    Select a Default Workflow User that you want Salesforce to display with a workflow rule when the user that triggered the rule is not active.
  4. Activate Your Workflow Rule
    Salesforce doesn't trigger a workflow rule until you activate it.

Source: Salesforce Help Center

In your SyncApps Sync Profile, make sure that you have specified that Main List/Audience in Step 2 of the Sync Profile so that SyncApps will sync the new records that will land to this specific Main List/Audience back to Salesforce.

Next is in Step 4 of the Sync Profile, map the fields, select " Mailchimp to Salesforce " for the Mapping Direction. In your Mailchimp field, select the " Add Static text" option located at the very bottom of the choices in the Mailchimp Field dropdown menu.

Map it to the created Salesforce text field, tap "Add Mapping", save then Reset and resync.

The non-subscription/non-preference checkbox field will now be marked with check.

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