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Mailchimp email history not syncing to NetSuite

Syncing Marketing Metrics data back to NetSuite is very important for your sales and marketing team. Now, are you having this case where the syncing of these data suddenly stopped?

Check the possible factors and solutions below:

  • The Mailchimp Campaigns are not under your specific Main Audience in Step 2 of the Sync Profile.
  • Incorrect Group category specified in Step 2 where the Mailchimp Campaigns landed.
  • Mailchimp Campaign is sent more than 30 days.

Make sure that the Mailchimp Campaign(s) will land to your specified Mailchimp Audience or the Groups under that Mailchimp Audience' specified Group category so that SyncApps can retrieve these Marketing Metrics back to NetSuite Custom Record.

  • In NetSuite, the custom record is still "MailChimp" with uppercase "C", not "Mailchimp" which is what SyncApps uses now.



In late 2018 Mailchimp changed their name from "C" to lowercase "c" so see below.  This changed the way their custom records flowed back into NetSuite.

See the example case here:

Two different names/custom records might be used in NetSuite with the CamelCase as the ORIGINAL and the proper case (Mailchimp) are NEW records.

You can see in the top example above CamelCase (MailChimp Emails – Cust) record are the old (18) and the bottom is far newer (384 records).
Your NetSuite should show the same old and new ones.

You can just delete the lowercase Mailchimp custom records in NetSuite and then SyncApps will ignore case and sync the uppercase "MailChimp" ones from the time they started syncing as the lowercase "Mailchimp" ones.

The metrics will flow to the Custom Subtab as usual for each record you sent an email to from Mailchimp in the past 365+ days. 

How to see your Marketing Automation Solution metrics in NetSuite

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