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Reconciling Campaign Response metrics between your software

Want to make sure that the Campaign Metrics from your Marketing Automation software are in line with the metrics that are synced to your CRM?

Check out the scenario below that explains how it works:

By default, we sync back the metrics based on the reports that are in your Marketing Automation software.

For Salesforce Campaign Member Status we always sync with the latest status, automatically, as one of the following:

  • Clicked:  If the recipient clicked 
  • Opened: If the recipient opened
  • Bounced: Email Bounced
  • Unsubscribed: opted out of an email campaign
  • Sent: If the recipient is a member of the Email Marketing Campaign and none of the above statuses applied.
Note: -- Mailchimp API does not have an efficient way to update for "Sent" in the Campaign Member Status for Automation Campaigns (not regular Email Campaigns) as Mailchimp does not give a timestamp when the actual sending is done. This status is not always 100% exact.

Campaign 20200100-2R / CazoomiID: 1133828256494

Sent: Salesforce 18,333 (includes sent/open/bounced/clicked/unsubscribed) / Constant Contact 17,830 sent (17,731 successful deliveries)

Opens: Salesforce 619 / Constant Contact 628 (unique opens) 967 (all opens)

Clicks: Salesforce 22 / Constant Contact 41


Campaign 20200100-1 / CazoomiID: 1133763584250

Sent: Salesforce 22,958 (includes sent/open/bounced/clicked/unsubscribed) / Constant Contact 22,336 sent (19,913 successful deliveries)

Opens: Salesforce 1,817 / Constant Contact 2,699 (unique opens) 4,224 (all opens)

Clicks: Salesforce 137 / Constant Contact 357

To ensure that you'll get the right metrics from both systems, check out our best practices. Before setting up your integration, make sure that you have properly set up the Campaign layout and User/Role Permissions.


*The flowchart above explains the flow on how the Campaign Responses are synced to Salesforce from Constant Contact

1) Sync first the records from your CRM/Financials software to your Marketing Automation software so that that they will be cached. Why do they need to be cached? So that we can be able to update the record and also when sending Campaigns to these records, the exact data will flow back to your CRM/Financials software.

Example scenario for cached records with Campaign Responses:

You have synced 1500 records from your CRM/Financials software via SyncApps and they land to your specified Main List/Audience. Now you've sent a Campaign to this specified Main List/ Audience where the 1500 records were synced PLUS you've included another list as one of the Campaign recipients in your Marketing Automation with 500 records. This list with 500 records is not synced via SyncApps. So by default, only the metrics from those 1500 records are synced back to CRM/Financials software.

If you're using Salesforce with Constant Contact/Mailchimp, we do have an option to rectify the example case above. The name of the feature is "Sync All Constant Contact/Mailchimp Campaign recipients" in Step 2 of the Set Up. This feature will sync all the metrics from your Marketing Automation Campaign Recipient if these recipients are not synced via SyncApps. These recipients will also be created into new Contact/Lead in your CRM/Financials if they do not exist at the time of sync.

2) Once the records are now synced to your Marketing Automation solution, run a Campaign and make sure that the recipient(s) of that Marketing Automation Campaign are those records, List, Group(s), or Tag(s) that are synced via SyncApps.

3) Head back to Step 1 of the Set Up to enable the Campaign Response feature.


Hit the Save Changes button then Reset Sync Process and resync.

The Marketing Metrics from your Marketing Automation software should now be synced to your CRM/Financials software.

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