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Mailchimp for Salesforce using the Custom Opt-Out feature

Are you setting up this kind of flow where a record in Salesforce is subscribed to multiple Mailchimp Audiences to target specific Campaigns per Audience?

Also, if they unsubscribe from a particular Mailchimp Audience, there's a field in Salesforce that says that this particular record is unsubscribed for Audience A, while subscribed to Audience B, and C?

Simple! Check out how easy it is to set that up below.

Features needed in SyncApps:

  • Field Mapping
  • Custom Opt-out (Add-On feature)
  • Multiple Sync Profiles

Salesforce Check

In Salesforce, create separate custom opt-out checkboxes. For example, if you're integrating 3 Audiences, then you'll need to create 3 custom opt-out fields and add these to the Contacts and Leads page layout.

Once done setting this up, you may now proceed to the steps below:

Setting up in SyncApps

Example use-case:

The SyncApps subscriber uses one main Salesforce account as the source of truth for the records and integrates it to 3 Mailchimp Audiences as their subscriptions.

Each Mailchimp Audience has its own specific Campaigns/Newsletters. Audience A is for Product Promotions Newsletter, Audience B is for Event Updates Campaign, and Audience C is for Health and Wellness Campaign.

Then a subscriber from Mailchimp Audience A unsubscribes. How does he manage this to just opt-out in Audience A while subscribed to Audience B and C?



We only sync 1 Mailchimp Audience per Sync Profile so in this case, you'll need to set up 3 Sync Profiles - One for Audience A, Audience B, and Audience C.

For Audience A, set up a Sync Profile and select the Object type to sync. Make sure that you have unchecked the "Want to use a Campaign or Marketing List to sync Campaign and List Members to Mailchimp?" so that all Salesforce Contacts/Leads will be synced to Audience A.

If you need to only sync the specific Salesforce records, you may also use our Filtering and Segmentation feature so only specific records will be synced per Audience. Check this out on how it works here.

In Step 2 of the Sync Profile, specify the Main Audience to be used, for this one, will be Audience A.

Then in Step 4 of the Sync Profile, map the Mailchimp Unsubscribe field to the Salesforce custom opt-out field for Audience A. The mapping direction should be set FROM Mailchimp to Salesforce. Complete the setup until it's completed.

For Audience B and Audience C, create separate Sync Profiles for each and do the same process above but should only be specific to each Mailchimp Audience only.

Run the sync.

The result would be The custom opt-out field for Audience A will be ticked as the identifier that it has opted out from Audience A. 

We hope this helps and don't hesitate to reach out to us through our Support team as we're around 24/7!





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