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Managing Constant Contact Lists with Salesforce Campaigns


Are you managing your Constant Contact Email List(s) to Salesforce Campaigns? Here's the right article for you! mceclip0.png

By default, only Salesforce Campaigns to Constant Contact Lists will be updated but when using this new feature, you can now add/remove Contacts from your Constant Contact List and they will also be updated to the Salesforce Campaigns. Check out below the best practice on how it works!

Steps and testing:

1. Create a Salesforce Campaign(s) and place some Contact or Lead record(s) in it. Do not forget to mark it as Active so that it will be exposed as one of the options to sync to Constant Contact.

2. In Step 1 of the Sync Profile, enable the "Want to use a Campaign or Marketing List to sync Campaign and List Members to Constant Contact? Select this feature." and select the specific Salesforce Campaigns as List that you want to sync in Constant Contact. Each Salesforce Campaign will be created into an email list.

Note: This process is crucial as the Salesforce Campaigns must be synced and cached by SyncApps first to Constant Contact.

Next, head to Step 2 of the integration setup. Enable the "Sync List Changes from Constant Contact to Salesforce (Two-Way Sync)". 

3. Tap Save then Reset Sync Process and Sync Now.

After the sync is completed, the Salesforce Campaign(s) are now created into an email list(s) in Constant Contact.

Test this:

Remove a Contact from your Constant Contact email list(s) which has synced to a Salesforce Campaign(s) synced via SyncApps) then rerun the sync. The Contact should now be removed from the matching Salesforce Campaign once the sync is completed.

How can I remove Contacts from the Constant Contact list if they are removed from my Salesforce Campaigns? For this flow, you'll need our Full Sync Add-On.

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