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Syncing Salesforce Contacts in Hierarchies with Salesforce Campaigns as List to your Marketing Automation software

Need to sync all the Contacts inside the "Contacts in Hierarchy" under the Parent Campaign(s) in Salesforce for better reporting on how your campaigns are doing?




By default, only the Contacts of the Salesforce Campaigns under "Contacts in Campaign" are synced to your Marketing Automation software. But if you need to sync over the Contacts under "Contact in Hierarchy" which are contacts under Child Campaigns, we have now rolled out a new feature due to popular demand.

In Step 1 of the Sync Profile, you'll need to enable the " Want to use a Campaign or Marketing List to sync Campaign and List Members to Constant Contact (or Mailchimp" and enable the "Sync Contacts in Hierarchy". This will sync all the Contacts in Campaign(Parent, selected Campaigns in Step 1) and Contacts in Hierarchy(Contacts of each Child Campaigns under selected Parent Campaigns in Step 1)

Hit Save then Reset Sync Process and resync.




Note: You might wonder that the number of "Contacts in Hierarchy" is not the same when it has synced to your Marketing Automation list, Group(s), or Tag(s). The reason for this is that some of the email address is already existing in your Marketing Automation list, Group(s), or Tag(s) as we do not allow duplicates to be created.

For some insights on how to organize Salesforce Campaign Hierarchy:


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