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Dealing with "Email Opt-Out" (HasOptedOutOfEmail) field is not visible" Warning

If you are seeing this warning in your sync logs it means that the "Email Opt-Out" field in your CRM is currently not visible on the layout of your selected object to sync (e.g. Contact, Lead, Account) in Step 1 of the Sync Profile.

Warning "Email Opt-Out" (HasOptedOutOfEmail) field is not visible, the opt-out status will not be synced


Using a Salesforce example:

1. Tap on: Setup > App Setup > Customize > Contacts > Fields
2. Tap on the 'Email Opt Out' field
3. Tap on the "Set Field-Level Security" button on top and then check the "Visible" box for desired or all profiles
4. Tap on Save

Please see the full discussion about this topic here.

You can also check this with your CRM Administrator and make sure that the Email Opt-Out field is visible on your selected object layout.

Once this is all set just Resync your integration or wait for the next scheduled integration run.

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