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Using Shopify Notes Attribute With Mailchimp As Segmentation Strategy

Shopify segmentation strategies in SyncApps is one of the most used features in which they can segment each Product title, Variant title, Product, and Variant Title to Mailchimp Group(s) or Tag(s).

Segment Shopify Customers, even those who abandoned their cart, to different Lists, Groups, or Audiences with your Marketing Automation

SyncApps has now rolled out a new feature where you can segment Shopify Notes Attributes into Group(s) or Tag(s) in Mailchimp. Let us know if you want to use this feature so that our 24/7 Support team can enable specific customization for this feature to be used.


Once this is enabled, head to Step 1 of the Set Up and select "By Note Attribute" then in Step 2 of the Set Up, select which segmentation in Mailchimp would you like them to be, Group(s) or Tag(s)? We'd suggest using Tag(s) as the Mailchimp Group is only limited to 60 Group(s) per Group Category.

Once the sync is completed, the naming convention for each Group/Tag will be "2020-09-24 Thursday, September 24 sjc"(see screenshot above as an example)


All good? Now, hit Save then Reset Sync Process, and resync so that the new changes will be applied. 

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