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Nonprofit Discounts


Nonprofit, Medical, Government, or Educational organizations are super important so let's give them a break.

We want everyone to experience SyncApps, so we agreed early on to donate 50% of our subscription cost to any Nonprofit that signed up. (50% yearly subscription donation to your institution today)

We understand that certain situations do not allow some subscriber organizations to pay the full price of our SyncApps Plans for a group of team members working to make the world a better, more productive place.

Whether you're just getting started on an integration project or in the middle of one, we're thrilled that you're choosing SyncApps to accomplish your goals!

See others just like you who started on a trial and get your own 50% off all our yearly pricing plans!


Institutions include education, government, and nonprofit organizations; universities and colleges are also eligible to participate in the SyncApps discount programs.

Pricing Tiers

  • Basic Plan: $1,199.88/Year
  • Professional Plan: $1,799.88/Year
  • Enterprise Plan: $4,799.88/Year

Note: Yearly 20% discount does not apply on top of our 50% discount pricing 

In your SyncApps account, this discount is automatically applied to all .ngo, .mil, .org, and .edu Trial emails in our system upon upgrade.

Please note that the 50% discount is applied to the subscription plan upon billing so the full rate is applied, then the discount after checkout.

If you're a Medical or other Institution with a different type of email, just send our 24/7 team a note so we can get your SyncApps account updated for the 50% today.

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