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Top 8 FAQs

1) Does SyncApps sync data bidirectionally between my two software? 

  • Yes, the SyncApps Platform integrates your data bidirectionally from your key software to other software in your organization, as long as the data or field(s) are API-supported. Connecting multiple software is easy using our integration profile system.

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2) If I update any fields in my software, will that be reflected or updated in my other connected software?

  • Yes, if these field(s) are configured in Step 4 of the Sync Profile setup, then any changed data from software 1 to software 2 will be updated. In most cases, the system of record, software 1, wins the integration war. Yet, in some use cases, software 2 can update software. This is pointed out in detail in tooltips in the setup of your integration.

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3) Does SyncApps work with historical data? (Data existed prior to migrating data using SyncApps)

  • Yes, we do migrate all your (API-supported) data even if the data already exists prior to using SyncApps. In some cases, the connecting software 2 will just need to integrate first to software 1 then run the sync in SyncApps. Moving forward software 1, the system of record will update software 2 with any data changes.

4) What software is supported with the SyncApps Platform?

  • See our supported software integrations below. If you are in need of customized integration, email us today to have our experts review it.

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5) Can you support my software on SyncApps?

  • The best way to find out is to reach out to our 24/7 Support team about your requested software so they can check it if it is feasible with SyncApps.

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6) When will my requested software or enhancements be available on SyncApps?

  • Once the software or enhancements are feasible, our product development team will give an ETA on when to roll out the new software or enhancements so that our support team can relay this information to you.

7) My field in my software is not available in the Field Mapping drop-down menu in Step 4 of the Sync Profile, why?

  • Make sure that your fields are under the chosen records type in Step 1 (Contacts, Leads, Accounts, etc…). Alternatively, you can tap “Refresh Fields” button in Step 4 of the Sync Profile.

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8) Do you offer phone support?

  • Absolutely! Just book a Free 15-30 minute call with our dedicated Sales Engineers here: www.cazoomi.com/services/. In just fifteen to thirty minutes, the experts at SyncApps can help you narrow down the right software integration for your organization.
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