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How Integration Reports Work


See how to drill down into your SyncApps Integration Reports gaining real-time information to share with your team.

See it in action!

Most subscribers who use NetSuite and Salesforce need to quickly see their integration reports, in detail, like how many records are updated, processed, and errors for a specific timestamp.

To accomplish this, you can just scroll down on your dashboard to the Reports Tab, tap the tab, and take a look at where you enter the filters by clicking the dropdown to see the choices such as Show all reports, Show reports with one or more error records. Lastly, Show reports with one or more records updated.

And you can now select the specific range, let's say, the last 30-60 days, or even the custom range here.

The Summary Charts give you an idea of the number of records say are "updated" from a software, meaning the record changed like a field on the record. Examples of Field Mapping are shown here.

Opt-Out status for records being synced is not included on reports as that process is handled by default bidirectionally between all systems you are integrating on the platform. 

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